Our Staff

Principal:  Mrs Ursula Hall                            Email: principal@stjosephs.co.nz

Deputy Principal: Mrs Judith Fromont              Emailjudithf@stjosephs.co.nz 

Assistant Principal/SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator):

Mrs Fleur de Farias                                      Emailfleurd@stjosephs.co.nz 

Director of Religious Studies:

Mrs Noreen Meikle                                      Email: noreenm@stjosephs.co.nz 


Junior Team - New Entrants, Year 1 & 2

Room 9 Mrs Shelley Arnott     Email: shelleya@stjosephs.co.nz

- Team Leader (shared)

Room 13 Mrs Lesley Wallace   Email: lesleyw@stjosephs.co.nz

- Team Leader (shared)

Room 8 Mrs Joanna Wilcox    Email: joannaw@stjosephs.co.nz 

Room 10 Mrs Karen Nunes     Email: karenn@stjosephs.co.nz

Room 12 Mrs Sharon Hawke   Email: sharonh@stjosephs.co.nz


Middle Team - Year 3 & 4

Room 1 Mrs Linda Sokimi         Email: lindas@stjosephs.co.nz

- Team Leader 

Room 2 Mrs Maree Clark         Email: mareec@stjosephs.co.nz

Room 7 Mr Alan Surrey          Email: alans@stjosephs.co.nz

Room 16 Mrs Noreen Meikle     Email: noreenm@stjosephs.co.nz   

- Director of Religious Studies.


Senior Team - Year 5 & 6

Room 4 Mrs Tricia Kenny          Email: patriciak@stjosephs.co.nz

- Team Leader

& Mrs Briar Shackleton (Friday)   Email: briars@stjosephs.co.nz

Room 5 Ms Mairéad Gallagher-Pile Email: maireadg@stjosephs.co.nz 

- Leader of e-Learning

Room 6 Mrs Jody McCort       Email: jodim@stjosephs.co.nz


Intermediate Team - Year 7 & 8

Room 3 Mrs Lori Mravicich          Email: lorim@stjosephs.co.nz

- Team Leader

Room 14 Mrs Leigh Jackson      Email: leighj@stjosephs.co.nz 

Room 15 Mrs Bridget Hartland              Email: bridgeth@stjosephs.co.nz

Mrs Anna Francis (Wednesday)               Email: annaf@stjosephs.co.nz



Learning Support:

Teacher Aide/Librarian: Mrs Deborah Chapman  Email: deborahc@stjosephs.co.nz

Teacher Aide: Mrs Helen Farrell                           Email: helenf@stjosephs.co.nz

Teacher Aide: Mrs Michelle Harding                     Email: michelleh@stjosephs.co.nz

Teacher Aide: Mrs Jeannette Irwin                       Email: jeannettei@stjosephs.co.nz

Teacher Aide: Mrs Joan Murphy                         Email: joanm@stjosephs.co.nz

Teacher Aide:Mrs Patricia Roberts                      Email: patriciar@stjosephs.co.nz

Teacher Aide: Kim Batters                                 Email: kimb@stjosephs.co.nz

Teacher Aide: Alison Murphy                             Email: alisonm@stjosephs.co.nz

Reading Recovery: Cherry Matheson                 Email: cherrym@stjosephs.co.nz


School Administration:

Office/Adminsitation:Mrs Adele Bell       Email: stjoesoffice@stjosephs.co.nz

Reception: Mrs Angela Hart                   Email: angelah@stjosephs.co.nz

Accounts: Mrs Fiona Marlow                  Email: fionam@stjosephs.co.nz


Lunch Coordinator:

Mrs Lynn Cox



Mr Mike Hooper



Tariangi Ruben, Crest Cleaners