Attendance Dues Sponsorship Scheme

The attendance dues sponsorship scheme administered by Auckland Common Fund Ltd (the Proprietor co-operative administering the collection of attendance dues) provides financial support to families in need with the payment of school attendance dues. This scheme is a valuable initiative in providing financial help to those families experiencing financial difficulties who apply and meet the criteria of the sponsorship scheme.


The sponsorship scheme is communicated in schools, with your help, through school newsletters and on the school website. We ask that, you communicate the details of the scheme again this year, in your next newsletter and that you update any details on your website.


Please use the attached standard information for the sponsorship scheme. Please do not make any alterations to this information.

Applications can be initiated by parents who should complete and return the application form to Auckland Common Fund before the end of November 2017.  Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

Application forms can also be downloaded from the CDA website

Please contact me if you have any inquiries or require further assistance.

Kind regards


Carol Krebs

Revenue Manager

Catholic Diocese of Auckland

On behalf of Auckland Common Fund Ltd

Pompallier Diocesan Centre I 30 New Street I Private Bag 47-904 I Ponsonby I Auckland 1144

DDI - (09) 360 3069 Mobile - 0274 988 371

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